Sometimes, it is best just to not watch the TV or the news. With all the false news that has been spreading across sources with no credibility, we urge you to stay away from the videos, texts that you receive on Social Media Platforms.

So, what do we believe in? We say that believe in yourself. You will get through this and just like every other situation good or bad, this too shall Pass.

We urge you to practice Meditation, breathing techniques in this time to keep your heart going on strong and steady. We will post some breathing techniques, including some Japanese Zen Meditation ways to help us get through this together.


We don’t want to report on the number of losses or the recoveries, our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones, they are in a very peaceful place now. They will forever be remembered. In our prayers, that you stay strong as we maintain the lockdown as advised by our government.

Visit a doctor only when the doctor has approved your visit and you are very very sick. Please avoid going to the doctor for anything other then serious ailments.

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