We are here, we are the ones who work hard, day in and day out, we are so immersed in your jobs that we forget the true purpose of living. We over think, we get depressed, we get angry and then, like a mysterious trick by the Gods, we all come together, we cherish the good memories, we make new memories for we know that happiness is the true secret to self satisfaction. Tonight forget about the deadlines, release that tension that you’ve been holding on since forever, pick a new dress, get new shoes have a spa day. Move there smoothly move into the music, dance your heart away, release all the stress as the sweetness of music envelopes into a comfortable space, you are now experiencing peace, love, contempt and one with the world.

We highly request you not to drink and drive, we know we all have done it some or the other day, but we need to be responsible now. There’s always Need for Speed, or Dirt of asphalt on your iphones and androids. Let’s promise ourselves we won’t drink and drive, just by the principal, let’s show the world that we know how to party the right way, Harm no Body, Trouble no Body.

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