December – The Merry Jingle Month is here!


  • Thanksgiving, Christmas and the happy new year! We’ve all been enjoying this month since a long long time, and its time to celebrate again!

    Rent A Car Pune is happy to have over 5000 bookings done from out website. To celebrate this offer we are giving away pune to mumbai, pune to shirdi, pune airport pickups and drops and pune tours for free. Visit us and tell us your name and where we can contact you to let you know if you’ve won. We are a premium car rental service in pune since 1988, our cars are clean with all white upholstery, genuine servicing and white collar chauffeurs. GPS tracking for your safety and 24/7 support for your convenience.

    So, how do we thank you back? We want to give you amazing discounts to bring a smile to your face 🙂

    Welcome to the RACP Christmas Party!

    December 15: 15% Off on all bookings done from the website.

    December 25: 25% Off on all the bookings done form the website.

    December 31: 31% Off on all the bookings done from the website.

    We love the celebrate the new years and christmas just as much as you do, we will still be attending all your queries 24/7 via live chat.
    So go ahead Pune! Make plans, party plans and when its time to ride the city, we’ll be there for you, in a white uniform greeting you as we open the door for you and take you to where ever you wish.
    Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a New Year!

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