Koregaon Park, Pune. Image source.

Koregaon Park is an area in Pune south to Mula-Mutha River. The area is often viewed as the most posh place in the city of Pune. This area was primarily a residential area with lush green scenery but of late has been growing into a commercial market place in Pune city. However, the old bungalows and parks can still be seen in the numerous narrow lanes of Koregaon Park. 

Roads and Connectivity 
 The neighborhood of Koregaon Park has two major roads: North Main Road (which lies in the north of Koregaon Park) which runs in parallel with South Main Road(south of Koregaon Park). Link roads connect these two major roads. Koregaon Park is connected with another upcoming neighborhood Kalyani Nagar via the Aga Khan Bridge. Passage to Mundhwa and Magarpatta has been made possible by recently constructed road. The quiet Cantonment place is a couple of kilometres away. Koregaon Park is conveniently located approximately 6 km from the Pune International Airport and about 3–4 km from the city’s main railway station. This region is surrounded by Kalyani Nagar, Yerwada, Ghorpadi, Magarpatta and Sangamwadi area. This area serves a link between traffic from Old Mumbai – Pune road to Pune – Ahmednagar road.

 The neighborhood contains the Poona School and Home for Blind which is located on North Main Road. Sant Gadhge Maharaj school is also located on South Main Road.

This area has the famous German Bakery, Chabad house, Osho Ashram and Bund Garden. On 13 February 2010 a terrorist attack took place in this area on German Bakery. People from all over Pune flock to Koregaon Park for its lounges,pubs and eateries. German Bakery is currently being re-constructed after the unfortunate terrorist attack in 2010. Places like Prem’s, Kue Bar, Hard Rock Cafe,Stone Water Grill,Aromas and Kiva are a hit with the crowds. Further, the place is filled with cafes such as Mocha, Sweet Chariot Cafe and so on. O Hotel is a five star hotel with chains all over India. Koregaon Park is openly acknowledged to be the amongst the most happening places in the city of Pune if not the most.

 The neighborhood contains the well-known Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital. 

Well-known Places 
 Osho International Meditation Resort 
The Westin Pune 
Koregaon Park ABC Farms

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