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4637ccec715f949899c1502988975541Car Rentals in Pune, India

We provide you with the highest quality service on surface travel. Our services include Pune airport Pick-ups, Pune airport drops, pune to shirdi car rentals, pune to mumbai and mumbai to pune car rental at great and affordable costs. We have been in the car rental industry for over 22 years now going strong, out network is large and we provide you with the best service at all times. We are reliable, consistent, superior and convenient.

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Toyota Innova is a family car, its a car of choice chosen for car rental by many of our clients. They have experienced it to be very comfortable for long distance travelling and well as business trips.

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We started small, really small with one Maruti Omni, since 1989, we’ve been learning and implementing our skills in our service and today, we are able to provide a quality of service better than any other. Experience speaks for itself.

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With GPS, Mobile Tracking and live analysis, we are able to provide our clients with top notch car rental service in Pune. We can triangulate car locations and report analysis to the clients, which makes it easy to plan out and remove the unwanted delays.

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Local Pune Car Rental

One of the most famous package for car rentals in Pune is the Local package. It includes 8 Hours and 80 kms whichever earlier. This package is most convenient for business meetings, local sight seeing, corporate travel and almost any in the city travel. After the 8 hour and 80 kms, the charges are affordable.

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Out Station package from Pune

When you have worked hard all week and finally the perfect weekend arrives, nothing compares to a drive to the beautiful, serene outskirts of Pune. Places like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavla, Mulshi Dam are great places to get rid of all that accumulated stress and return safely to a great productive week ahead! The Out Station package is made on per day, 250 km minimum basis and is great for clients going out of the city on long tours all over India as our cars are permitted to travel all over India.

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Wedding Car Rental Package

For that one special occasion, when there is no room for any sort of mistake and imperfection, we provide you cars that will enhance your memories for a life time! The wedding car rental package in pune includes everything custom made for you, tailored to suit your needs! From Decoration to customization to anything you need, we serve you!

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Corporate Car Rentals in Pune

With the arrival of international companies in Pune, we’ve become aware and with feedback and experience, we’ve devised a suitable package and service for the corporate companies in Pune. We provide the highest quality car rentals for our corporate clients and they’re happy, you should give us a try, and then decide!

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  • Toyota Innova is a favorite rental car of the people in Pune. The car is best fit for a family, provides comfort on the long run.
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  • Toyota Etios is a sedan with a smooth on road experience, a car a choice of many corporate professionals along with tourists travelling local or out station.
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  • The car that goes the mile without any trouble. Logan is great for travelling Pune, with its quick response, its great to beat traffic.
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  • For those who prefer the first class, we provide all the premier cars, just ask us and we’ll make it available for you!
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