Testimonial : Trip to the Indian North

As a group of friends who love mountaineering and adventure India was always on our “to-do” lists. We had made plans for some years but for one or the other reason, we would always have to delay them and postpone to some other date in the future. This time, we were very consistent and tried our best to spend the summer in Indian Himalayas. Our group of friend consisting of 5 people and getting them to plan together was not an easy task, however through lots of phone calls, arguments, fights and bizarre situations we finally managed to get our group together to visit India.
The plan was to go to Leh, a place that we had heard so much. Initially we were planning for a bike ride plan but then it dawned to us that in that way we would get very little time to talk to each other and hence we closed the deal on getting a rented taxi that would take us far up north in India. Once we had done that, the search started trying to find a taxi company that would suit our needs. After much deliberation and research we finally picked a rental company merely because the website was simple and user friendly.
As the responsible individual from our group (sadly) I get tasked to often do the administrative tasks for the group and I really prefer sites that are user friendly and easy to handle. The fact that the site was intuitive helped me greatly, a site which is complex is an instant turn-off and I am trying to search for a better site. The booking process was smooth and it was a really pleasant experience.
When we reached India, we were a bit skeptical. We were told some negative stories but everything went smoothly. We were greeted by a very professional looking driver, dressed in proper chauffer attire. Our driver was also very cordial and friendly, though he told us that his job is just to drop at our hotel and we will get a different taxi and person in the morning to pick us from the hotel. Next morning at the designated time we were all waiting, anxious and ready. True to the words, the car arrived exactly on time and according to the specifications ordered. As we were a bigger group we had to order a spacious and comfortable car and also a car which could actually brave the journey in the rough northern terrain of India.
Our driver was an amazing person, he told us that he has taken lots of groups to the northern areas of Leh, in fact he told us that he belonged to a place called Nubra valley and hence he was very well aware of the roads, conditions and the places. We were very impressed by the company for having a person in their company who was actually so well versed with the area that we intended to tour. True to his word, the driver was an exceptional person and acted as our guide all through the journey.
The best feature was the ability of wifi in the car as an added on feature. This helped us to stay in touch with our families back home whenever we reached an area where such service was available. Leh was beautiful; the scenery is so beautiful and startling that you have to be there yourself to believe in its beauty. Our adventure was an amazing adventure and we truly loved every bit of it. We were impressed by the careful approach of the company and we are all looking to go back to India for our next adventure.
More companies all over the world should be like that, taking absolute care of their customers. Hopefully one day all five of us will be back in India for our next adventure.

Tom Brody and Friends

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