Testimonial by Laura Bingle

My experience with Rent A Car Pune

When I was planning to travel to India and I am going to be honest, I was a bit worried about certain things that I would have to face in that part of the world. Other than the intense heat, I was worried about the crazy traffic and the ability to drive myself. I have always wanted to drive a car in a country like India, the mayhem and the chaotic nature of the traffic that I have seen on the television countless times has scared me, make no bones about it, but at the same time it provides me with an adrenaline rush and looks very interesting and challenging.
After having my booking sorted and other necessary things planned, I started to look out for a car rental company that I can use to rent a car. The search ended soon as I came up with a very well made and easy to use website offering online booking. For me the most critical feature was online booking as I was dreading to reach a new country, a new culture and then set about on a task of finding a rented car. Thankfully I was saved by the hassle and managed to easily get a car booked online.
The interesting feature offered by the company and I highly recommend it for that was that they offered picking me up at the airport when I reach. For the first time landing in a country this feature can be very handy and I was really happy to find it. When I reached at the airport I was duly picked as stated by the people who had promised to do so. The driver was very helpful, spoke good English, was well dressed and was very nice in nature. He tried his best to introduce me to the things that I really need to understand about Indian culture and it was a handy and friendly discussion making me realize that the people are really friendly and go out of their way to help a foreigner.

I had a plan to visit Mumbai, to meet a couple of friends who were trying their luck in Bollywood. My rented car arrived duly, the paper work was all cleared in one smooth go and it was a good experience to drive on Indian roads. A scary experience in the start but once you get a bit used to it, there is nothing in the world that can compare to it. I thoroughly appreciated that the car was reliable, with no obvious mechanical or electrical flaws and the useful parts like air conditioner, stereo, GPS were all functional and really helpful. India in itself is an amazing destination and I was touched by the hospitality of the people and the genuine enthusiasm for life that the people possess.
I am very glad that I picked a great company, their help and service is first class. They really show that they care about their customers and provide excellent services. India in itself is an astounding place and the experience of visiting it was truly enhanced. For years I had thought about visiting India, looking at the iconic places from my very own eyes and enjoying the tastes and sounds of India. Looking back at my experience I can safely say that it was time and money well spent and the little rent-a-car company was more value than I had imagined or bargained far.
I would give an overall rating of 5/5 stars for excellent services and amazing attitude and the care that was shown towards me.

Laura Bingle
United Kingdom

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