Testimonial: Our Honey Moon Destination: Mumbai

Linnea, my fiancé had a picture taken by some random photographer of Mumbai’s Juhu beach in her apartment. Living in Sweden it was always fascinating for both of us to see the amount of people who were on that beach. Both of us in one way or the other were impressed by India and its culture, she did Yoga I was working in an Indian restaurant and going to India was always something that we had thought about. So when we were planning to get married, a wild thought appeared in her head that we should spend our honeymoon in Mumbai. It was actually a very strange idea, most of the people would prefer to go to other places, but we being both a little crazy really liked the idea and decided to actually spend our honeymoon in Mumbai.
Planning the trip was my responsibility; everything else was being done by her. I wanted the details to remain a surprise for her as well as a romantic gesture. From the face of it I was very confident; secretly there were lots of questions in my head. In order to calculate the trip expenses, I was looking at the costs of our various expenses, hotel stay, travel expense, visiting expense, dining and entertainment. Checking through various sites I found a very interesting rent-a-car site and I thought of giving it a go. The booking page was incredibly easy to manage, the process is simple and everything is in detail and depth. There was also a promotion available and it made me really happy as it helped me save about 15% of our hard earned money that was to be spent on the service.
We had opted for a pick and drop option as well because it seemed like a really good idea. When we arrived in India we were warmly welcomed by our driver. Being Swedish people, we are normally not the first ones to talk but he seemed very comfortable and friendly. He told us that the hotel that we are going is the one recommended by the rent-a-car company themselves as they have good corporate relations with each other. When we reached the hotel we were received like royalties and were handed a bouquet, it was a really amazing experience of first hand Indian hospitality and we were deeply touched by it.
Our next week was an amazing experience, our driver and car was well suited to India’s busy traffic. Despite being driving for a good few years, I would not have fancied driving myself in the busy roads. There is a lot to experience while you are viewing from both sides of the windows, a lot more activity than we can have ever imagined. The fact that we always felt safe was due to the expertise of our excellent driver, who was not only well dressed but also well aware about the city telling us about the rich history and tradition. From the experience of drinking traditional Indian tea from a roadside “Dhaba” to spending a wonderful evening at Juhu beach or having amazing Indian food, we can really say that India really is incredible.
For us it was a great experience and it was made all the better by the people who took our great care. By the time we were dropped at the airport, it felt as if we were not parting from the driver but someone who became part of our family and our best memories. We were humbled and really experienced a great trip where we were taken care of in a great manner. A great country, amazing people and a very good company really knowing how to take care of their customers!

Linnea and Matts

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